Armed & Unarmed Security Guards


Peak Security provides armed & unarmed security guard officers who have completed the state regulated training along with additional mandatory training courses required by our organization. All of our armed & unarmed security guards understand that their primary objective is to deter crime and be as vigilant as possible in order to protect our clients’ interests. Our armed guards are some of our most senior team members and bring over a decade of experience in the security industry. Peak Security’s armed guards can be great asset to your firm in providing a cost effective and vigilant crime deterrent.

Our guards are carefully selected to meet the needs and organizational personality of our clients. All of our guards are routinely monitored by our supervisors and their activities are monitored daily through our guard tracking system. Our guards are all individually trained by a supervisor at each location to make sure they fully understand the tasks and responsibilities issued to them.

Peak's management team has properly trained all of their officers. We had a situation at our firm that was handled quickly and efficiently. Can't thank Leo and his team enough!!

Brian W.