Peak Video Guard

Peak Video Guard

About Our Division

Peak Video Guard is a service that provides real-time supervision of your premises through a state-of-the-art video surveillance system providing you peace of mind that your property is always protected.

Remote Video Monitoring

What's Included

• Central Station Video Monitoring
• Unarmed Peak Security Guard Dispatch*
• Police Dispatch
• Live Talk-Down to Intruders
• Daily Site-Activity Report
• Mobile App for Remote Viewing
* Guard Dispatch in Peak Security patrol areas only.

Deployment Options

Deployment Options

Custom Camera Design
• Design your surveillance systems for video monitoring

Pole Mount Unit

• Power and mounting pole required
• Rent or Purchase

Mobile Surveillance Unit

• Nothing required
• Rent or purchase

Monitoring Options

Self Monitoring
We design your surveillance system and you monitor it.

Monitoring with Talk-Down Only
We monitor your site and get intruders off of your site through onsite speaker. Police are notified of criminal activity.

Monitoring with Patrol Dispatch
We monitor your site and use talk-down through onsite speaker to intruder off of your property. Peak Patrol Guard is sent out on suspicious activity or to get someone off the property. Police are notified of criminal activity.


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