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Security Guards & Patrol OfficersAre you in need of contract security guard services? Peak Security has highly trained, professional uniformed security officers that can meet all of your security needs. 

Uniformed guards are the most common type of private security guards that are used.  Uniformed security guards can be armed or unarmed.   In some situations, an unarmed uniformed security guard with a baton, OC spray, or a Taser is preferable to an armed guard.  Uniformed security officers are primarily used as a deterrent to would-be criminals.  Highly-visible uniformed guards are the most common type of security guards.   These private security officers are used by many types of clients in many different industries in a wide variety of ways.

  • Uniformed guards deter shoplifting, employee theft, car burglaries, and all types of other crime.
  • Uniformed security officers provide a professional appearance.
  • Uniformed guards give clients, customers, and employees a feeling of security.
  • Uniformed security guards can be used temporarily or permanently.
  • Uniformed guards allow everyone at a security post to easily identify private security guards in case of an emergency.
  • Uniformed private security guards can be armed or unarmed.


Peak Security offers an electronic solution that enhances its on-site security services and patrol services. Peak Security has the ability to monitor all Security shift functions and tour rounds for added quality assurance. Customers will receive immediate notification of any and all emergency or suspicious activities that occur at their properties.

Peak Monitoring and reporting system features include:

  • Automated reporting and tracking
  • Automated incident reporting and photo/video capture for immediate notification
  • GPS tracking of officers and locations in real time
  • NFC code reader built in to assure quality, compliance, and accountability
  • Instant photo capture and emailing system for notification of facility emergencies such as water leaks, building damage, fire hazards, suspicious activities and much more…
  • Ability to set up and monitor specific tour rounds and revolutions directed specific to client location request and Security needs.
  • State of the art reporting software that allows integration with the officers to be monitored at any location at any time.

We offer the same training we give our employees to governments, businesses, and institutions. For Appointment Call us Now.