Weapons Training

Weapons Training

Professional Weapons Training by Certified Instructors

The Training Facility

We offer a wide array of firearms training courses for citizens with more advanced training to security and law enforcement personnel, including twilight/low light shooting. Our shoot and move course can be set up in many different configurations to augment officer skill levels. This training is also offered to citizens.

Law Enforcement and Security Companies have the option for a day or evening lease of the facility which will include the use of the classroom and range, please call for complete details and schedule. The classroom is equipped with a large flat-screen projection for PowerPoint and video presentation, a digital surround sound audio system, heating, and air-conditioned creating an effective indoor learning environment.

The AR-15 / handgun/shotgun/reloading courses are set up in progressive intervals, building students’ skills from one level to the next. Here at the facility, we feel this is an adequate regiment of training that should be covered for the vast majority of second amendment supporters. Then it’s up to the student that has graduated from this tiered level of training to continue to apply those learned skills to become more proficient with their weapon of choice. Of course, we are always here to further your training, answer any questions you may have, and help the student maintain a high level of proficiency.


We offer the same training we give our employees to governments, businesses, and institutions. For Appointment Call us Now.